august 2018

i was,

sure as first fire

on my way 

to some infinity

when your pale

but certain shimmering

pulled me (into orbit)

with a softer

kind of gravity.


does Destiny then

always preclude

a destination?


if so,

why does Love

seem so unaffected

by all our accomplishments?

and why does Presence,

resting atop nectarous peaks

endlessly pour its sweetwater

into the parched basins

of our deep

and unfulfilled desires?



is simply awaiting

our Arrival.


and You.

calling to me 

from beyond the folds

of darkness – 

why have you inhaled me

with a bated Breath?


and for how long

will my hands

have to pass

through your apparition

on their way

to touch the World?


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