A Taurus kind of SUNday

It’s like the pimple on my shoulder

Screaming at the Mole— IMPOSTER!

They are both me

They are both mine

Why do they say that misery has a taste?

Or is it so

mething about company… 

What submissions do we choose?

I don’t always want things

that fit in neat pretty boxes

It’s always a test…

I think this is her dream not mine…

I want to write 

And move slowly through the world

Talk to the people I love

Held by a warm kitchen 

Serving them tea 

A hygge space for life

I want to be present 

And listen

Linger long eno


To feel truly embraced 

by a hug

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  1. Anna says:

    Why I tell my secrets to strangers: wow, what a beautiful written synopsis of what happens when ‘shame’ attacks. I get shame in the sense that my Chiron, SN, Sun trio in Pisces late Feb 1961is a ‘signature’ for me…normalizing is hard to find even in the midst of internal understanding but finding fellow artists has helped reduce the ‘shame feeling’ factor and increase my ability to find relief in the knowledge others experience this and understand the humility it can also produce in a calming way. Not sure if I’ve did it succinctly but thank you for getting written in the Mountain Astrologer!

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