numb the pain as standard practice


stocking up 

unfinished business 


Loose ends fraying 


forgotten lost reset

skipped to the

on again 

off again 

on again 

off again

untidy tidying of a 

glitched memory system


still loading…


spinning cycles

without accounting


churning chatter into

cacophony butter,

pointless muttering

and other things 


finally unzipped


nothing there 

but blackhole buttons 

undone in hasty precision 


incision skull open for 


the fear beast

all consuming 

shredding thoughts 

into delusion


continue to look

disregard intrusion 


art transmutes 

beyond the story 

internal stream of

eternal provision 


hardened by this 

concrete dimension 

brutalist anesthetic 

rejecting of

wild nature





by: hyperkinetic-earthworm

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