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The Neptune Underground

a space for exploring taboo topics through the loving lens of consent and authorship…

showing up for the real
the raw
& the un-fucking-comfortable of life.
this is learn-to-love-your-flesh-bag astrology.


Wyrd Transit Stop:
wyrd is the word and the word is the thread. enjoy a daily dose of wisdom on the current planetary weather to help you weave through the watery web of existence.


Astrobation Station:
submit a secret…
coming soonmonthly mythic musings and astro-occult exposés…because the best things in life are GROSS!


Water Closet:
this space is inspired by the confessional poetry movement and dedicated to stream of consciousness writings and recordings. practicing the imperfect art of converting thoughts and feelings into language we seek fluid transparency amidst the condensed reality of being confined to flesh. the expressions offered here honor the exploration of psycho-horology, narratology & sexology.


Astromancy Sessions:
hosted by rae of f*cking sunshine, NU’s virtual witch cafe is inspired by Viennese coffeehouse culture, meaning it is a place where …

“time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is listed on the bill”

sessions include some storytelling or “starrytelling” mixed with dialogue. using past life theory as a mechanic to better understand time, our relationship to it and embodiment of it, we will explore your personal mythic story-arc through the lens of evolutionary archetypal awareness.