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Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries

DAILY DOSE—May 9, 2024:
Like smashing libertine taboos long sequestered in our grandma’s china cabinet, we can feel the catharsis of fragile porcelain shattering beneath us.
“Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”

Please excuse my unfortunate and somewhat cringeworthy cultural reference. Perhaps, somebody said it better before OneRepublic but I can’t escape how well this sentiment captures the essence of Mercury, Mars, and Chiron in Aries. 

Also, the song happens to be called “Counting Stars” so something oddly auspicious is clearly at work here.

Vulnerability can be an asset when it is wielded with discernment. It’s about knowing when situations are safe enough to drop our armor. 

The liability of vulnerability is when we expose ourselves to someone or a situation that is more self-interested than not. I think we could make an argument that most, if not all exploitation is an exhibition of some form of narcissism.

Keep your eyes peeled for ALL red flags and trust your intuition over impulses. On one hand, it’s all quite thrilling, but keep your wits about you to avoid unnecessary injuries! 

words: @diarizt_

art: @kriyaarts

Venus in Domicile

To Call a Cow for Nourishment


Annihilating augury of the Burnt Ones

the Red Moon lets the flame suckle at her breast. 


Eight nights and Five days

she dances 

circle center


exhaustion’s edging place,

I beg my head to lay.


The Oppressed live within the stomach of her dreams. 

the suckling, her curls wrapped umber 

turned to caress cheek, inside 


the utter

division of land to feed bodies,


to grow trees.


“How do I delineate the parts of my body that must be cut off for planting?

Nature doesn’t have much use for straight lines, but, I am 

contemplating geometries” 


Who has cried at the altar of your worship? 

Who weeps at your tender feet?

Oh, Mother, reveal the secrets of that milk 

dripping down the mountains of your body.


I did not intend to ignite your garments.

I am parched; I dream –




gowns of saffron, poppy;

I saw your face, a liminal stream in the resulting smog. 

“We sleep longer than we are supposed to,

our bodies weary from tending temples –


hold vigil”

I longed for an end to the fire’s hospitality, 

Root network,

Intimate home 


Bad communication

What could possibly go wrong?

words: @saturnvox

art: Baroness Gagern as Europa, Photographed by Yevonde


A Taurus kind of SUNday

It’s like the pimple on my shoulder

Screaming at the Mole— IMPOSTER!

They are both me

They are both mine

Why do they say that misery has a taste?

Or is it so

mething about company… 

What submissions do we choose?

I don’t always want things

that fit in neat pretty boxes

It’s always a test…

I think this is her dream not mine…

I want to write 

And move slowly through the world

Talk to the people I love

Held by a warm kitchen 

Serving them tea 

A hygge space for life

I want to be present 

And listen

Linger long eno


To feel truly embraced 

by a hug

Jupiter conjunct Uranus 21° Taurus

DAILY DOSE—April 20, 2024:

Edgy is not always an effective marketing strategy.

When we say we want to be edgy, I think what we often mean is that we want to be perceived as edgy.

Being edgy can be uncomfortable and isolating, whereas being perceived as edgy can come across as ‘cool.’

What’s cool is often only deemed so when it reaches a critical mass. Until then, we’re just investing energy in going our own direction.

Is success defined by social acceptance? Authenticity can certainly come at the expense of inclusion or understanding.

Perhaps, if we push through we will reach some place where the essence of who we are gets to fully blossom, uninhibited by the persuasion or judgments of others.

What if brilliance gets it wrong more often than it gets it right?

What if creative genius mostly goes unrecognized?

The outlier energy of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction means we may think, say or do things that are disruptive and provocative. And being ruled by Venus in Aries it may have us reflecting on some intrinsic (and at times pathological) need for autonomy.

Yet, it also has us planting seeds for future boldness…

Break on through folks —you are the thunder that echos the flash of inspiration.

words: @dia.rizt

art: Jessie Makinson

the exalted Aries Sun edges into Taurus

Aries Decan 3 – If Not, Winter
by: McCalla Ann @saturnvox
“Here the assertive influence of Mars converges with the harmonizing essence of Venus and Sappho’s wisdom reminds us of the ethical responsibilities inherent in human connections…urging us to navigate relationships with both ardor and sensitivity.”

Sappho Fragment #31

He seems to me equal to the gods that man

whoever he is who opposite you

sits and listens close

to your sweet speaking

and lovely laughing — oh it

puts the heart in my chest on wings

for when I look at you, even a moment, no


is left in me

no: tongue breaks and thin

fire is racing under skin

and in eyes no sight and drumming

fills ears

and cold sweat holds me and shaking

grips me all, greener than grass

I am and dead — or almost

I seem to me.

But all is to be dared, because even a person

of poverty

Sappho. If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho.
Translated by Anne Carson, Vintage Books, 2002.

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art: pablo gerardo camacho

15°, 16°, & 17°Aries: North Node, Venus, Mercury RX

DAILY DOSE—April 18, 2024:
Contemplate the warrior-toddler wisdom of knowing…
the power to engage—gives us the power to relax
the power to relax—gives us the power to engage
While there is much more that could be said I will keep it short and pointed to honor the Aries spirit of this union: true strength is found in our ability to be radically authentic.
“my self-worth shouldn’t feel like an act of bravery.” —Amanda Lovelace, The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One
words: @rae.creational.wyrding
art: Bernie Fuchs

my stripper name is murphy maple

I’m usually the one holding the stolen goods when the cops show up.

Somehow, there was no room in the getaway car, so I stayed behind to ‘handle it.’

“Stand back everyone, I’m the prodigal son of a Western physician.”

I often wonder if I were interrogated, if and when I would crack. I have a pretty stoic constitution, but if someone started pulling out fingernails, I’d probably squeal.

In other words, not to worry – it would take a lot for me to rat you out… but I do have my limits. I’m no John McCain.

I have had some rather embarrassing run-ins with the ‘the law’ over the years.

At a fraternity ‘function’ in college, the cops showed up, and I took off at a Prefontaine sprint. I was wearing a ridiculous puffy vest from Ralph Lauren with a number 5 on the back. Imagine if Hogwarts had a rugby team – I was dressed like the captain.

I still remember the cops yelling at me as I ran, ‘Hey, number 5!’ And in my haste, I abandoned my girlfriend inside the party to fend for herself.

One of my ‘brethren’ tended to her that night, and I still sometimes meditate on whether or not she sucked his dick in the apartment complex parking lot while I was hiding from the fuzz in a neighbor’s closet.

Clearly, not my most shining moment, but a gram of cocaine and twelve cans of Natural Light will make you do crazy things.

Sorry, that’s unaccountable… it was probably more like two grams and fourteen beers.

Only a few months later, in an attempt to save that very same relationship, I stripped down naked in the middle of the campus dorm courtyard as a gesture meant to profess my undying love.

When I threw my half-clothed body on the hood of my girlfriend’s car to try and stop her from leaving me, a different set of police officers arrived to escort me home.

I inadvertently confessed to driving drunk that night but managed to stay out of jail, out of what I can only imagine was pure pity.

Thank you to the ‘boy in blue’ who took mercy on me that evening and attempted to explain to me that the noxious fumes of a toxic relationship were clouding my judgment. And the alcohol. Definitely that too.

I sure wish I would have taken his advice instead of trying to walk the three miles back to my girlfriend’s apartment building the second he dropped me off at my house.

I fell asleep (read: passed out) at her door that night.

It’s uncomfortable being the fucked up hero in your own story.

I don’t always like myself, who I’ve been, and how I’ve behaved. As I eke out these scathing Yelp reviews of my youth, I feel my insides churn.

On one level, I’m glad I feel ‘shitty’ about parts of my past because it likely indicates that I’ve learned and grown. And yet, I still feel charged with finding some balance of compassion and comedy with these memories.

Inevitably, I’m the main character in my own movie, but if I were an impartial audience member and not me watching me and didn’t feel the responsibility to empathize with myself, what would I actually feel toward the person acting how I acted?

I don’t know how relevant that question is. I don’t know if I believe in objectivity or if it has any real value.

Regardless, it’s a compelling thought experiment to try and see ourselves from this more etic perspective.

I do find value in confronting the sometimes harsh realities of my flawed humanness, the ways in which I’ve embarrassed myself, acted selfishly, the ways I’ve cowered in fear, my negligence, my codependencies, and all the other ways I’ve behaved like a human form of teenage ‘back-ne.’

How does one live into the larger context of our actions without making themselves a victim in the process?

I didn’t have a lot of things well-modeled for me as a child, and I can certainly see reverberations of the emotional void playing out in my most reckless behaviors, but that doesn’t excuse them, it just helps explain them.

I find myself sliding up and down the stripper pole of accountability and compassion, hoping someone will throw dollar bills at me when I stick the landing.

Which brings me back to being in the bank holding the big bag of money. Living into a story of being bad puts you in a mindset that you’ll only be good when you get caught for what you’ve done. And so you put yourself into situation after situation where you’re waiting to be exposed as the asshole that you feel like you are so that someone will finally punish you and absolve you of your sins.

Man, what a kink. An orgiastic merger of the neurotic and the erotic. Where does one start, and the other begin?

I don’t know how to put a period on this sentence. I think I largely remain unresolved on the matter, like emotional ellipses.

Just… thank fucking god I haven’t fallen asleep at anyone’s door in over a decade. I’ll take the win.

by: anonymous

Mercury RX Conjunct Chiron 19° Aries

DAILY DOSE—April 13, 2024:

We have an excellent opportunity to excavate the wounded depths of our psyches here—in a way that doesn’t shy away from the sheer terror of it either.

Think: an arachnologist discovering a new species of poisonous spider. 

When we approach what could potentially destroy us with a sense of awe + reverence, we use our fears as leverage for deeper understanding.

With more awareness, we often recognize things aren’t quite as scary or dangerous as we or others made them out to be.

How can we apply this rationale to our psycho-spiritual evolution?

To sublimate is just to make constructive use of.

Keeping the spider analogy alive: venom often makes the most potent medicine in the proper dosage.

May we utilize Mercury’s meticulous nature to help us classify the otherwise toxic parts of ourselves so that we can build a kind of relationship with our thoughts/emotions that mitigates their harm and maximizes their healing potential.

Aries is the opposite of a ‘safety first’ signature, so pause to see if the use of gloves and goggles may be advised … Godspeed!


words: @dia.rizt

art: Slava Belov

North Node 15 °Aries

Aries Decan 2 – To Whom is the Trespass but to Self

by: McCalla Ann @saturnvox


I have come to the altar of myself,

pounding heart, pouring gold,

mumbling the mystery and

madness of the maenad’s marrow bones.


Oh mistress! You

who softly pulse sonnets, singing of my sovereignty;

pollen, syrup, producing

royal fantasy, mastery of will.


I am not That,

yet I am

every meadow, every sorrow, every mountain, every sore.


Upon the sword I stand starward,

motionless, yet moving mighty mounds

of moss

and pillars of swampy earth.


I touch all things, yet

I too am her servant

Mother, may I


murder the merging to claim my own soliloquy?

We danced upon one leg,

siren sounding


in symbiotic bulging.

Together, one body made


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art: @val_catto

Mars conjunct Saturn 14° Pisces

“If there are junk yards in hell, love is the dog that guards the gates.”

— Charles Bukowski, Love Is a Dog from Hell

DAILY DOSE—April 10, 2024:

There is such mastery in this signature when executed with diligent care. And the fear they evoke is warranted, but not in the way we are often taught.

No. (a complete sentence)

This pair requires reverence and a desire to dance with danger.

These two make a fierce––unstoppable team.



Youth and Elder working with respect and understating of one another moves mountains. When at odds it is the ultimate battle of WILLS. A cataclysmic clash of Authenticity vs Authority and Becoming vs Belonging.

Painfully learning the pitfalls of what it means to navigate the land of CARE and CONSENT.

Aries is Capricorn conception season— Mars’s sign of EXALTATION. And as the ruler of this week’s eclipse, I want to revisit my favorite story from Norse mythology about Tyr and Fenrir.

This one always makes me cry. The anger it makes me feel for ‘human formed’ gods is pure animal, red hot, and righteously palpable. It triggers my “Brave Heart” freedom roar … resembling the line from that movie that really breaks me, “…he fights for something that I never had. And I took it from him, when I betrayed him. I saw it in his face on the battlefield and it’s tearing me apart.”

In the Tyr and Fenrir myth all the other Norse gods became very concerned by Fenrir’s formidable size and strength and seek to find a material strong enough to contain the wolf.

After multiple failures, they finally present Fenrir with the dwarf crafted gleipnir. Immediately suspicious of the thin transparent cord, Fenrir accurately suspects that deceitful magic is afoot. Knowing the gods would have no reason to free him once he was bound, he agrees to test the new chain under one condition: one of them must put their right hand in his mouth.

Tyr, brave with integrity, steps forward. He approaches his giant furry friend and feeling the firm grip of sharp teeth gently clenching around his wrist (also known as the wolf joint) he surrenders to his already known fate.

After exerting every ounce of strength in the effort to break free from the sheer silky string, Fenrir howls with grieving rage as the truth of the gods’ treachery sinks in. All but Tyr laugh with malicious triumph, further exposing their deception. With raw pain Fenrir roars, “I would have been the gods’ greatest champion and dearly devoted servant; now you will know nothing but the wrath of my revulsion.”

Sorrowful and full of compassion Tyr meets Fenrir’s gaze and nods, sacrificing his sword-wielding hand with stoic grace.

words: @rae.creational.wyrding

art: Barry Moser