Sun 26° Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces

DAILY DOSE—September 18, 2023:

Tonight the Virgo Sun reaches 26° and initiates its annual opposition with Neptune currently in Pisces. These two have been meeting this way since 2012, and won’t be done until 2026.

This is the axis of order & chaos, where we learn to find the sweet spot between working our butts off and trusting in the divine.

If you go too far either way you end up with too much sterility or too much chaos, so this is your annual reminder to “trust in god but tie up your camel”.

Where in your life do you need to work on strengthening your boundaries?

Where in life are you a control freak?

Let the yin and yang of this axis help you find healthy harmony inside of your own psyche.


words: @paetratauchertastrology

art: unknown

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