DAILY DOSE—September 14, 2023:

what value do we place on intention in our lives?

i can “intention” all over the place and while i might be existing within a constructive mindset, how do i fill the gap between the idea and the action?

because undeniably a space exists there.

the diver walks to the edge of the springboard, visualizes the perfect execution, and then…

the complementarity of Virgo is that in order to actualize, we have to make the mess, we have to fail, we have to be hurt.

without these, we can’t clean, we can’t refine, we can’t heal.

it’s a wonderful moment to set the intention. commune with whatever cosmic energies you enjoy conceptualizing and ask for their support.

what we deem miraculous is often just our experience of fortuitousness occurring outside of our own volition. but the divine only speaks in miracles. do we listen?

and now also act. make it a verb. the planted seed is not only a thought. dear Virgo, you must also get your hands dirty.

where intention meets action is the origin of realization. it’s more than a willingness. be messy, be imperfect, take risks. it’s perhaps the only way to fully experience the fruits of what we’ve sown. or rather, were the process and the product ever separate?

words: @astro.diarist

art: @guilombardi

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