DAILY DOSE—May 25, 2024:

Life is full of opportunities. The cosmos loves to grant us many chances— to learn, to heal, to grow.

As Jupiter moves into Gemini, we are being invited to break the bonds of narrow-minded materialism. Perhaps life possesses a higher purpose than the accumulation of…stuff.

What is the threshold of the value-add? At what point does resource become a burden, rather than a bolster?

What we focus on, grows.
This is the nature of expansion.

Sure, sometimes opportunity pours down from the heavens or sweeps us off our feet…

More often than not, the law of attraction is informed by what we put our attention toward – consciously and unconsciously.

Where does our attention seem to default into patterns of deficit? What systems (internal + external) can we put into place to support our constructive concentrative efforts?

Try to avoid falling for a false sense of urgency now and sink into deep recognition of the present, prescient, preciousness instead…

And remember there is SO MUCH to explore— savor it!

words: @diarizt_
art: Eugene Samain

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