Earth Grand Trine: Venus 19° Capricorn – Uranus 19° Taurus – Juno 19° Virgo

DAILY DOSE—February 7, 2024:

Structure, order, (the container, if you will) as they all relate to the Venusian qualities of life – beauty, love, indulgence, abundance, etc. – are up for reflection and renovation. A devotional redesign if you will.

And an enhancement of sensation is possible here. Illumination, while it inspires greater clarity, can expose ourselves to ourselves in a way that can be uncomfortable.

You know that feeling when you place your straw at exactly the right angle… and the last drops of (insert delicious drink of your choosing here) are delivered to your tongue in one continuous and satisfying sip?

That same straw, when moved a millimeter in any direction, creates the ear-wrenching slurping sound of milkshake infamy, which – in my very critical opinion – has the capacity to ruin someone’s (my) day whether they are on the receiving end of the straw or simply on the other end of the ‘sonic insult.’

No matter how we go out about it, the wrong angle of straw implementation will not produce the desired result.

In fact, if we always have the proverbial straw in the proverbial wrong place (or maybe the wrong time?) we may even develop a complex… “It’s me. I know it. I just don’t straw well.”

Our problems are not always a problem of effort. Sometimes, it takes taking a step back and looking at our approach.

If we’re playing with an idea of the way we’ve always done things or the way we’ve always been, in relationship to the Venusian ethos, it might be wise to look at the way we relate to the relationship, rather than the relationship itself.

Reordering something doesn’t always require a period of chaos or anarchy, it may just need a slight repositioning… and then suddenly… we get a healthy dose of the juice we’ve long been dreaming of.

May we all taste life’s sweetness today.


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