Chiron 16° Aries trine Mercury in Sagittarius opposite Venus in Libra…

DAILY DOSE—November 20, 2023:

VENOM as REMEDY and the transmutation of ENEMIES into FRIENDS.

What will we throw into the current cosmic cauldron to be cooked into something “new”?

As Venus and Mercury hum along together in a supportively flirtatious sextile they simultaneously synch with up with chimerical Chiron—invoking the magical power of vulnerability inherent to all healing modalities.

Along with this, we shift from fixed water to mutable fire season this week begging us to ask ourselves “how am I currently using the benefits of boiling water”?


“what hardens the egg softens the potato”

Thus provoking us to ponder, tonic or poison? And knowing that everything depends on context.

When WANT is in alignment with NEED our hunger for “bitters” arises more often than our craving for “sweet”…

So, what yearnings must be honored now in order for you to feel a sense of harmony within? And where would restraint reward you more?

If nothing can be destroyed only digested, what will you allow memory to be— a blessing or a curse?

“Some I sold to “Spirits”

To dull the ache of you

Trading memories

For drunken reprieve

But like the bride of Frankenstein said

please don’t take them from me

These painful— beautiful memories

For they are mine

And to sell the lesson

For alleviation

Is to miss the medicine



art: unknown

words: @rae.creational.wyrding

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