5° Libra Lunar Eclipse

DAILY DOSE—March 25, 2024:

the rulers of this full moon eclipse, Mars and Venus, are both floating in the sweet yet chaotic waters of pisces, along with dear grandma Saturn and fellow mer-god Neptune. 

what if when light gets eclipsed we focused on the comfort of not having to reflect for a moment and savored the pure velvety darkness instead…?

what if we took a moment to not know anything? stopped striving to solve the riddles inside our own hearts and the world of minds around us? just sit still, stoic… graceful…ready to return once fully rested. 

eclipse portals are best for asking the universe what it wants of you— not what you want from it…

meditate on the mantra:

the answer is always no 


and if you ask 


for last night’s eclipse portal I shared this quote from The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen, “Never lose hope, for even the smallest of hearts can find their place in this world.”

to continue the ugly duckling theme Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes: 

“…what if you, being a swan, had to pretend you were a mouse? What if you had to pretend to be gray and furry and tiny? What if you had no long snaky tail to carry in the air on tail-carrying day? What if wherever you went you tried to walk like a mouse, but you waddled instead? What if you tried to talk like a mouse, but instead out came a honk every time? Wouldn’t you be the most miserable creature in the world? The answer is an inequivocal yes. So why, if this is all so and too true, do women <(all libra folks)> keep trying to bend and fold themselves into shapes that are not theirs?”

south node eclipses give us direct access to the forever shitting tail of the dragon—cosmic “trash take out” time if you will… so what shapes that no longer serve you shall you shed today? 

go ahead—crank up that disney tune (you know the one) and LET IT GO!!!  …thank it for the wisdom of experience then toss it to the softly screaming siren tides…! 

words: @rae.creationl.wyrding

art: @crephoto


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