Biographical Poetry: Era Ending Introductions…

I came into this existence with enough privilege to choke a cow.

And enough trials and tribulations to keep me humble. 

I fluctuate between total fearlessness and crippling insecurity.

I have had the deep pleasure of having 4 parents and 4 siblings.

And knowing the intense pain that comes from losing one of them to early death.  

I have felt the soul crushing rejection of missed opportunity and failed love.

I have seen the horrors of human trauma etched on to souls and skin.

I have been lost and aimless and in the process learned how to swim.

I wet the bed till I was almost 10 years old because sleep always swallowed me.

And didn’t really learn how to inhabit my body until I was 30.

I can be strict, calculating, and cruel, but also soft—so surrendering and soft.

If I could digest the world and free it from all its suffering, I don’t know if I would.

And you can feel as furious as you would like about that.

For there is something here in the madness and the decadent pain. 

Something real—smelly, broken, and rude… like sand paper on fresh skin.

Yes, there is something in the roughness that I have come to realize—heals.” 


by: rae of f*cking sunshine

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