Wyrd Transit Stop

Venus 6° Scorpio opposite Jupiter 6° Taurus

DAILY DOSE—December 8, 2023:

Scorpio is the most intensely passionate place for our planet of love to be!

Venus, after making a cooling (yet fortifying) trine to Saturn in Pisces, will join the Moon in making an ardent opposition with Jupiter in Taurus tomorrow evening. This is the sensual/sexual axis inhabited by the benefics, so there is no way around this being a lusty and extravagant couple of days.

Remember safe boundaries and enjoy the PLAY!

Jupiter amplifies the overall vibe of Venus in Mars’s sign, who loves to break taboos and has immense desires and appetites for the deepest kinds of connection. The back door of this transit is overdoing it, with an inability to quench the thirst of your desire, and careening over the edge into addictive debauchery.

Instead, lean into the inherent stability of the lingering Saturn trine. Jupiter Rx in Taurus can also aid in helping you find your footing so you are able to drink deeply from the fountain of want without losing your grip on reality and the beauty/serenity that comes with sobriety.

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Neptune Stations Direct 24° Pisces

DAILY DOSE—December 5, 2023:

Neptune is shimmering iridescence in a bubble, it’s the bioluminescence in the nighttime sea, it’s the most pure & innocent part of us that cannot fathom the reason for suffering in this world..

Neptune is the primal, untouched place we reach through spiritual practice, or through altered states with medicine. It’s the realm of faery, it’s elementals in the mist. Siren depths… 

This opalescent planet stations retrograde at 24° Pisces tomorrow morning and the subtle and nuanced eminence reaches deep inside of us, invoking a little taste of the summer of love. 

As has been the case since 1944, Neptune is sextile to Pluto, meaning that until 2034, they are always interwoven in meaning in our lives. 

Pisces & Capricorn, the signs they are in right now, link us directly to resonant Saturn in Pisces. 

The first decan of Pisces IS ruled by Saturn so there is some grace happening right now under this Neptune station direct. 

This also means that we are moving out of the United States’ Neptune opposite Neptune, which coupled with the Pluto return, has been A BIT MUCH. 👀

Neptune will sit at the station degree until December 13, so if you have anything in mutable signs between 22-26 degrees you will likely feel this extra layer of magic that could play out as confusion. If this is the case then I recommend a daily spiritual practice of some sort, which will give Neptune a place to go in your life, vs spilling the bounds into all parts.

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Venus enters Scorpio

DAILY DOSE—December 4, 2023:

from the mouth of Venus the underworld sings:

“i’m a ferocious— 

mars ruled beauty. 

untamable… hungry! 

often referred to 

as a “vulgar” venus. 

and yes I want to f*ck— 

but that doesn’t mean 

I want to f*ck you. 

razor sharp boundaries 


unimaginable depths. 

living by Vampire law— 


….you must be invited in…

don’t seek the medicine 

if you are not ready 

for the remedy. 


you will be devoured 

either way 


is the only 


reap rewards 

or risk 


and your complete 



art: @TheLordofSirius

words: @rae.creational.wyrding


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Mercury enters Capricorn

DAILY DOSE—November 30, 2023:

Tomorrow, after passing across the galactic center, intrepid wanderer Mercury is the first to move from Jupiter’s governance, to Saturn’s.

At the moment of ingress, there is a yod formation from Mercury & Saturn, going to the 29° Cancer Moon, who is held fully enthralled, in an opposition with Pluto, who is grinding through the last degrees of Capricorn.

This suggests that Friday will be a day of very big feelings! 

There is a serious and somber tone already to this Sag season as all planets entering Sag right now make a confrontational square with Saturn at 0° Pisces. 

This shift of Mercury adds more to this tone. When Saturn & Jupiter labor together, you know big things are in the works. 

Mercury in Capricorn is intentional & masterful, ambitious & methodical. What part of your life needs this sort of touch? Aim it there, as Mercury in Saturn’s sign needs a job/duty. He will certainly have one starting on the 13th as he turns retrograde for the rest of the holiday season.

This is your notice! Try to make any big purchases or contractual agreements before then, or wait after the 1st.  Beginning 2024 with a stationing Mercury DIRECT seems helpful for the next turn of the wheel!


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Venus conjunct the South Node of the Moon 24° Libra

DAILY DOSE—November 29, 2023:

Venus in Libra finally arrives to the South Node purge point.

This is the deepest trawling of old ways of: trying to be liked, of sacrificing your own well being for the sake of another, or for the relationship. Of being shallow and needy and manipulative. Of toxic codependency, of posturing, of lacking commitment, of being wishy-washy and flip flopping, of people pleasing, of being self-absorbed & inauthentic. 

Everything in astrology has a front door and a back door, and this is a giant opportunity to dump a big load of the backlogged negative Libra traits.

The south node is balanced of course with the north node in Aries, so we know that empowerment is the medicine du jour, and Pluto still pulsing away at the bendings of the nodes, adds so much more weight to this transit and time.

The stakes are incredibly high, and todays Cancer Moon helps us tap in deeply to our feelings, which are the vehicle of healing. Over the next couple of days the Moon will oppose Pluto which generally catalyzes big emotions each month.

This is a rare opportunity. It’s crunchy to be sure, but it’s grit that will polish your soul, allowing for a clearer reflection, moving forward.


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Bewildering & Besieged… Full Moon 4° Gemini

DAILY DOSE—November 27, 2023:

This Psychedelic Lunation is a true trip down Alice’s rabbit hole and it is of utmost importance that you ensure your totem, anchor, or tether is securely fashioned when you dive into that dream realm. 

The currents are too strong and deep— putting us in danger of completely loosing our “grip” both mentally and physically! 

Mercury is considered in detriment when moving through the land of Jupiter as the curious psychopomp loves to organize and categorize and can feel like they “can’t see the trees through forest” with this placement. 

Adding to this stew of delightful confusion ol’ Merc is officially in retro-shade territory—out of bounds and square Neptune at 24° of Pisces! 

Yee-hawwwww we are definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto! This is pure magical fantasma and must follow the “Peter Pan” path.

With a mutable Mars-Saturn square prominently aligned with today’s Gemini Full Moon the absurd has the power to become radically real! This is not just a pie in the sky hope— this is your portal to Narnia. 

Remembering that squares present us with creative friction, use this malefic pressure cooker to fortify a container strong enough to hold your weirdest visions. 

Before we can paint a Piscean paradise we must stretch and cut the canvas.  


art: Christopher Smith

words: @rae.creational.wyrding

Sag Season Dawns—

all hail Sagittarius, our fiery archer in search of truth and adventure!

DAILY DOSE—November 22, 2023:

The Sun moved into Sag this morning to be followed by Mars on Friday.

Both immediately square Saturn at 0° Pisces, indicating there may be some tests and challenges this month—remember these are set up to ensure we are in proper alignment.

Scorpio season is where we go down for the count, down into the underworld to face, befriend, and attempt to metabolize our shadow as a crucial part of evolution.

Is it fun?


Is is scary and hard?

Almost always.

But… the way the zodiac unfurls naturally brings the remedy on the heels of the pain.

The pain comes from Scorpio insisting we confront the raw truth we’ve been avoiding as the only possible road to true healing.
But after plunging down into Mars’s deep dark nighttime territory, we emerge victorious, wings spread into the trust and benevolent protection of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius season.

Here we expand our lungs and heart and breathe in optimism and faith once more that things are somehow going to be ok.

The raw festering wound of the Israeli Palestinian conflict shares its DNA with the Cain and Abel story in the Bible.

Brother killing brother, as we are all brothers and sisters here on this lonely planet. The cycle of evolution is here to help us wake up and evolve, and to eventually remember our deep unyielding kinship with all of life. As this spiraling gyre of pain and assault continues, we are tasked with turning towards the divine and asking for help to bring us forward into peace.

Whomever you pray to, the mutable fire of Sag season encourages you to do so. And as we enter the Festivals of Light in this coming season, remember that they are designed to uplift us as we pass through the darkest time of the year in the north. If you are in the south, it’s easier to access the hope and optimism as you swing around towards the sun.

Wherever you are, this is the time to maximize your Hygge and turn up the cozy joy. Anchor your moments of happiness and let them ripple outwards as a way of helping the collective heal. Let your rings of joy intersect with the emanating pain and grief and loss in the middle east and let them heal each other in the larger collective field.

art: Koral Sagular

words: @paetratauchertastrology

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Chiron 16° Aries trine Mercury in Sagittarius opposite Venus in Libra…

DAILY DOSE—November 20, 2023:

VENOM as REMEDY and the transmutation of ENEMIES into FRIENDS.

What will we throw into the current cosmic cauldron to be cooked into something “new”?

As Venus and Mercury hum along together in a supportively flirtatious sextile they simultaneously synch with up with chimerical Chiron—invoking the magical power of vulnerability inherent to all healing modalities.

Along with this, we shift from fixed water to mutable fire season this week begging us to ask ourselves “how am I currently using the benefits of boiling water”?


“what hardens the egg softens the potato”

Thus provoking us to ponder, tonic or poison? And knowing that everything depends on context.

When WANT is in alignment with NEED our hunger for “bitters” arises more often than our craving for “sweet”…

So, what yearnings must be honored now in order for you to feel a sense of harmony within? And where would restraint reward you more?

If nothing can be destroyed only digested, what will you allow memory to be— a blessing or a curse?

“Some I sold to “Spirits”

To dull the ache of you

Trading memories

For drunken reprieve

But like the bride of Frankenstein said

please don’t take them from me

These painful— beautiful memories

For they are mine

And to sell the lesson

For alleviation

Is to miss the medicine



art: unknown

words: @rae.creational.wyrding

Mars Cazimi 25° Scorpio

DAILY DOSE—November 16, 2023:

The Sun joined Mars at 23° Scorpio yesterday, for the lead up to tomorrow’s 25° Cazimi.

This is about our vital, sexual, emotional energy and how we use it.

Rebooting their synodic cycle—Mars shares his future plans with the Sun King, who blesses them. But be conscious of how you care for and spend your chi this weekend, keep a close eye on your energy levels and minimize extreme fluctuations.

Mars in combustion is being purified by the Sun as it approaches, taking all the impurities and burning them up.

You may feel tired and low energy, or you could feel really worked up as the week progresses.

Watch the stimulants, you probably need less than you think and controlled discipline will prove to be the alchemical stimulus truly needed.

Trust now that you won’t regret resisting the temptation to over do it.

As always the Scorpio realm asks us for raw authentic emotional honesty, starting with ourselves. This is the only path towards growth, which the opposition to Uranus urgently pushes us towards.


Steadily pour yourself into a potent renewal practice of your choice and be rewarded by the power of your own consistency.


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A Ferocious New Moon 20° Scorpio 🌚⚡️

DAILY DOSE—November 13, 2023:

It’s a New Moon with an attitude!

Early this morning we had a New Moon at 20° Scorpio conjunct Mars, trine Neptune. All in opposition to Uranus… there is a wildly rebellious and fierce vibe permeating everything.

A Mars boosted, Mars ruled, electrically charged New Moon helps us look into the deepest depths, as trickster sky god Uranus illuminates us from above.

This week is coming in hot and not taking no for an answer. Get prepared, as this New Moon is “Going There”, so aim it to where you need it most. This New Moon will shank a fool… it is going for the jugular, in search of the rawest of truth so enjoy the intense ride.

How to handle?

Ask yourself where do you need to take the deepest of dives. The houses that contains 20° Scorpio/Taurus will help you decode the answer. We are in the underworld, the land of the root children where we renew ourselves again and again, and where the only way out is through. With this New Moon you must be true to your own heart, no matter where it leads you. No obscuring or amputating feelings will be allowed. The goal is raw emotional authenticity which leads to primal connections with others that bring healing into everyone’s lives. This can be considered a spiritual practice that directly impacts your ongoing evolution in this life.

All week Venus in Libra and Mercury in Sag travel closely in a helpful sextile, which is seriously needed this week. This team’s influence helps us to relate with each other socially in a productive and graceful way, yet we are supported in saying what we need to say without self-censoring. This helps us with Scorpio’s unequivocal need to push through taboos as a method of evolution.

Use this New Moon medicinally. It’s like taking bitters herbs at the start of the indulgent holiday season which will help us process and digest what we will be consuming for the next couple of months.

art: Pierangelo Boog Justin

words: @paetratauchertastrology

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